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We are driven by the underlying belief that nature provides everything we need to live a healthy pure life.



Our mission is to create skincare of uncompromisingly high performance products of distinguished quality and purity. "Not mixed, diluted or adulterated with any other substance or material". With a big goal in mind to produce the healthiest option available in skincare. Using only the purest of ingredients that would deliver exceptional results when placed on skin. We are driven by the underlying belief that nature provides everything we need to live a healthy pure life. We looked to nature for inspiration and sought to emulate the purity and vibrancy that we saw. Setting ourselves the task of sourcing pure, vibrant ingredients that were grown in a sustainable and ethical way. Our commitment is to purity and reducing our global environmental impact. We know that these values will be just important to you as they are to us. We have simply embraced the concept of purity and brought it to you in the form of NUN.



NUN believes the skincare you use should be a true reflection of who you are, what you believe and what you value most in life.

A modern day purist that gravitates to pure natural products that have authentic integrity. A minimalist at heart with a pared back approach to life.

To reduce the clutter in her life she looks for fewer but harder working items to place on her shelf. Values the good things in life to give her the results she craves without compromising or posing a threat to her health or well being. She chooses high performance products that contain clean safe ingredients.  Has a mutual respect for both her body and the planet. Is mindful of product pollution and its negative effects on the environment.  She knows more is not better and when enough is enough.  Takes a considered approach to life and places high value on meaningful connection.  Has a preference to life experiences over material items. She never stops striving for the best in herself and always looks for the best in others.  She is one of us and in all of us.



I believe the secret to healthy beautiful skin is to live life as naturally as possible.

I set out to create a skincare line that was pure in every way. Made by using only the purest of botanical ingredients that would bring health and nourishment to skin. I’ve always believed that what you put ON your body is just as important as what you put IN your body. My approach to skincare comes from a holistic point of view.  Skin plays a hugely important part to our health, immunity and overall wellbeing. Skin is the largest organ of our body and is the first line of defence against external aggressors. The health and beauty of skin depends on the delicate balance between the cells of which it is made up of, and the microbiome that live on its surface.  Our skin has an eco system all of its own.  Hosting one billion microbes per square centimeter. These microbes play a vital role in the overall health and function of the skin barrier.  This works in much the same way as the flora inside of our gut works. Protecting by providing a barrier to pathogenic organisms within our body. I asked myself the big question "if the bacteria on our skin is responsible and important component of skin health. Then why are we destroying this valuable microbiome with products full of preservatives???" This became the big catalyst leading up to the development of the NUN botanical skincare collection. That would enhance and protect the delicate microbiota that lives on our skin. It spurred me on to create something that was truly special, pure and unadulterated. Not contaminated with synthetic chemicals or nasty toxins. We have taken clean a step further by creating a range free from preservatives, fragrance, essential oils, and alcohol. Suitable for the most sensitive of skin.

In today’s modern world the truth is that not all skincare is created equal. Conventional skincare is made mostly of water, loaded with chemical synthetics, and contains virtually zero nutrients. The skincare industry is an un-level playing field full of misleading claims, misinformation and hype. Full of green washing and fairy dusting. Mass skincare advertising campaigns have cleverly convinced us that synthetic based skincare is far better for us and will produce better results than say an all-natural product. This is simply not the truth. We have been taught from an early age that chemicals will do no harm when used in small amounts. This is of great concern with the average women using up to 200 chemicals from various products on daily basis. Synthetic cleansers, toners, moisturisers, shampoo, conditioners, hair products, deodorants, sunblock, makeup, nail polish and the list goes on. It's really time to take a step back and think. We need to ask ourselves the enormous question of what the long term impact of all of this unnatural consumption is actually having on our personal health and well being.

NUN is all about providing a healthy alternative to beauty without any compromise to wellbeing what so ever.

Teresa Knox, NUN Botanical