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Botanical facial oils are without a doubt the MVP’s of any skincare routine. A must have item when it comes to having healthy skin. Facial oils offer great benefits for skin because they provide exactly what skin needs to be healthy and vibrant.

Nutrient dense 

Botanical facial oils are highly concentrated products so you only need a small amount to achieve great benefits for your skin. Optimal levels of whole plant actives give them a rich nutrient density. Making them extremely nourishing and beneficial for skin health. Compared to moisturizers or creams which on average contain only 5% plant actives with little or no nutritional value at all.

Rich in Nutrients

Botanical oils are a natural source of nutrients. Making them highly potent and effective. Packed with plant seed oils the most nutritious part of the plant. They contain a plethora of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega fatty acids and phytosterols. All these phytonutrients provide numerous benefits for the skin. Higher levels of antioxidants work effectively to protect skin from harmful UV radiation. Thereby lessening the effects of environmental free radical damage and preventing premature aging. Whole plant phytosterols soothe and calm inflammation to reduce skin stress.

Essential Nutrients

Botanical oils are full of Omega 3, 6, and 9 and Essential Fatty Acids. Deemed essential because EFA’s contain the necessary nutrients required for healthy body and skin function. Not to be confused with fragrant essential oils which are devoid of nutrients. EFA’s must be supplied to the body orally through diet or by topical application directly to skin. As they cannot be produced by the human body. EFA’s strengthen the skin’s lipid layer and improve barrier function. Having reduced levels of lipids in the skin are related to dryness and loss of elasticity.


Botanical oils are lipophilic or fat loving. This means they have a much smaller molecular structure which gives them the ability to penetrate further and deeper into the dermis. Thus allowing a higher level of skin hydration. As we age the skins natural oils and lipid profile decrease. Causing the moisture barrier to breakdown and for skin to dry out. The topical application of botanical oils helps to prevent and reduce water loss to keep skin moist and plump.


Botanical oils are biocompatible ingredients which gives them a natural affinity with skin. They work in tandem with the body’s natural reproduction cycles and functions. Absorbing easily and deeply at a cellular level to supply vital nutrients where cell renewal begins. Using oils regularly will nourish, replenish and rebuild the skin’s natural barrier layer more extensively. Keeping skin healthy and hydrated so it can continue to protect your skin from things like dehydration and UV damage.

So it turns out that the benefits of botanical oils are many. They really are our skin saviours for optimal skin health. Once you start on the journey of using facial oils you won’t look back.